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Monday, March 4, 2024

The 649-acre Friedlander Ranch SE Of Lake Wales May Soon Be Protected Through Polk County’s Environmental Lands Program


The 649-acre Friedlander Ranch property, southeast of Lake Wales may soon be protected through Polk County’s Environmental Lands Program. City staff and consultants recently conducted a land-use study that evaluated the natural lands within and around the municipal service area.

The Lake Wales Big Green Network lies on the east and west sides of the City. A map was created to illustrate the network of land that may preserve biological diversity, protect wetlands, and listed wildlife and native plants. Two potential neighborhood green networks were also identified in the City’s long-range plan, Lake Wales Envisioned. The County’s interest in conserving the property aligns with one of the City’s eight aspirations, which is to ‘Assemble an enduring green network of open spaces and conservation lands! A rare endangered whooping crane was also found on the wetlands that serve critical storm water management and help recharge the Upper Floridan Aquifer.

For more information about the Polk County Environmental Lands program click: Here

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