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Local Restaurant Must Change Name Due To Potential Copyright Infringement


By Allison Williams

If you have not had a chance to check out Eggs Up 27 Breakfast & Lunch in Lake Wales, you are missing out! However, from now on, the restaurant will be called Eggs Breakfast & Lunch, and here’s why:

Owner, Werner Gabriel Salvador said that recently he received a letter from an attorney representing another company that uses “Eggs Up” in their name. He was asked to take down all “Eggs Up” info associated with their business due to a trademark of “Eggs Up.” He was asked to stop using the name, take it off of signage, off of the menu, off of Facebook, etc.

If you have more questions about trademarks or copyright here is some information:


With all that being said, that will not stop him from serving some of the best meals around! New title is coming, but the delicious food will remain!

New Title: Eggs Breakfast & Lunch

Eggs Breakfast & Lunch is located at:

19301 Hwy 27

Lake Wales, FL 33853

The number to call ahead or get a to go order is (863) 949-6941.

Oh and one more thing! Can’t make breakfast or lunch? Every Friday, the restaurant also offers Fish Fry Friday from 5-8 pm!

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