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Man Charged With Attempted Murder Of Lake Wales Homeless Man After Allegedly Dousing Him & His Dog With Gasoline & Threatening To Light Them On Fire


The Lake Wales Police Department has arrested Glenn Skinner, DOB: 11/22/1969 on multiple charges, included attempted murder and arson, after he allegedly poured gasoline on a homeless man and his dog. The incident occurred in the early morning hours of June 16th. According to the report Skinner doused the man and his dog with gas and allegedly threatened to light him on fire. The incident occurred at the old McDonald’s near the Orangemont Plaza.

Here is a long excerpt of the arrest affidavit (It should be noted that this is an unedited report of facts by the Lake Wales Police Department. These facts are up for question and everyone is entitled to question the validity of facts by law enforcement in a court of law. The Lake Wales Daily does not rewrite these facts as some meanings or interpretations could be in error and change context. We hope readers appreciate being able to read the information and come to their own understanding and conclusions):

LWPD Arrest Affidavit

“On June 16, 2024 at approximately 0600 hours, I was dispatched to the area of Highway 60 east and 11th Street in Lake Wales in reference to a disturbance.

The reportee, REDACTED, advised dispatch that another subject, later identified as Glenn Skinner, threatened REDACTED with a “claw hammer”, poured gasoline on him and his dog, and threatened to set them on fire.

When I arrived in the area of the incident location near 1450 Highway 60 East. REDACTED waved me down in the parking lot area near Subway washing his dog using a hose located between the businesses. When I pulled my agency issued, marked patrol unit next to REDACTED, he immediately said, “he’s on a green bike”, and described Skinner’s clothing and description. REDACTED also warned that Skinner had a claw hammer in his possession. I asked REDACTED if he knew the suspect by name and said he knows his first name is “Glenn”. REDACTED said he did not know his last name.

At the same time, officers made contact with Skinner who was riding a green bicycle, headed East on Highway 60 near RaceTrac gas station. Ofc. Blaser attempted to stop Skinner, by illuminating the overhead lights on his agency issued patrol car and ordering him to stop, at which point, Skinner refused Ofc. Blaser’s lawful commands to stop by continuing to ride his bicycle East on Hwy 60. Skinner was ultimately placed under arrest and a silver “Zippo” style lighter was removed from his possession.

Suspect Glenn Skinner

Because Skinner knowingly and willfully resisted Ofc. Blaser, who at the time was engaged in the execution of his legal duty as a uniformed law enforcement officer, probable cause existed to charge Skinner with resisting without violence as outlined in Florida Statute 843.02. Please review Ofc. Blaser’s supplement for further details on his involvement.

I asked REDACTED the details of incident. REDACTED said he went to get cigarettes at the 7/11 gas station at around 0400 hours. REDACTED said he saw Skinner with a “claw hammer” in his hand. REDACTED said Skinner was waving the hammer and saying something to him but he had headphones in his ears and could not hear Skinner

I asked REDACTED how he knows Skinner!” REDACTED advised LONG REDACTED SENTENCE said Skinner had been “stalking her” for approximately “eight days” by driving around her house.

REDACTED said he left the gas station and headed West on Highway 60 towards the shopping plaza at 1450 Highway 60 where he has a homeless tent camp. REDACTED said Skinner followed and when they got near the Tractor Supply store in the plaza, Skinner threatened him again. REDACTED said he armed himself with a baseball bat he had in his possession when Skinner came within approximately 10 feet of him. REDACTED addressed Skinner and confronted him, not to provoke Skinner, but in an effort to defend himself. REDACTED said Skinner left the area so he went to his camp in the dumpster area of the old McDonalds which is located at 1110 Hwy 60 E.

REDACTED said he went to sleep and woke up shortly after to the smell of gasoline. REDACTED said he got up and walked out of his camp and observed Skinner with a “Mountain Dew bottle” of gasoline standing outside his camp area.

REDACTED said Skinner squeezed the gasoline from the bottle towards him pouring some gasoline on to his socks. REDACTED said Skinner was running up to him and backing off. REDACTED’s dog came out of the camp area. Skinner poured gasoline from the bottle onto the dog’s head and face.

REDACTED said Skinner had a “gray, Zippo lighter” in his hand and told him, “I’m going to light you up, it just takes a second”. REDACTED said he responded with “light me up then” but also said he was in fear that Skinner was going to light the gasoline and set him and his dog on fire.

I went to REDACTED’s camp area. I observed a plastic bottle laying near the entrance to the dumpster area where REDACTED says he sleeps. The bottle was clear and had a green label. The bottle also had a yellowish liquid in the bottle. I also smelled the strong odor of gasoline in the area and around the bottle in particular. I took photographs of the scene before moving the bottle to see if the liquid was gasoline. I picked up the bottle and could tell by the odor, the liquid was gasoline. It should be noted, the bottle was actually a Sprite bottle However, REDACTED could have mistaken the green label on the bottle as Mountain Dew.

I asked REDACTED if he was in fear that Skinner might actually set him on fire. He advised he was in fear and he thought Skinner was about to light the fire.

We conducted a show up in which REDACTED positively identified Skinner as the suspect.

I obtained a sworn recorded statement from REDACTED regarding the incident. The statement was downloaded to Evidence.com and also e-filed to be attached to this report.

Ofc. Blaser advised Skinner of his Miranda Rights by reading from his agency issued, waiver of rights card. Post Miranda, Skinner denied the allegations of the incident. He stated he was only riding his bike through the area.

Ofc. Blaser transported Skinner to the Lake Wales Police Department. Once I arrived at the police department to take custody or Skinner, Ofc. Blaser went to interview REDACTED.

In his interview, REDACTED told Ofc. Blaser she saw Skinner yesterday (June 15. 2024). She said Skinner told her he planned to kill REDACTED. REDACTED said Skinner advised he would kill REDACTED by beating him with an axe handle he had in his possession at the time. Ofc. Blaser obtained a sworn recorded from REDACTED. Please refer to Ofc. Blasers supplement report for further information.

Based on REDACTED’s statements, there is reason to believe Skinner intended to commit the crime of First-Degree Premeditated Murder.

Skinner committed an overt act toward the commission of First-Degree Premeditated Murder that went beyond mere preparation, by putting gasoline in a bottle, following REDACTED to his camp, and pouring the gasoline on REDACTED and his dog. Because Skinner failed to complete the First-Degree Premeditated murder. probable cause existed to charged him with Attempted First-Degree Murder as outlined in Florida Statute 782.04*.

Because Skinner willfully and unlawfully, while engaged in the commission of Attempted First Degree Murder, also attempted to cause a fire in a structure where Skinner knew, or had reasonable grounds to believe, would be occupied by REDACTED, probable cause existed to charge Skinner with Attempted Arson as outlined in Florida Statute 777.04(1).

Because Skinner unnecessarily poured gasoline on the face and head of REDACTED dog, in a cruel and inhuman manner, in an attempt to set the dog on fire, probable cause existed to charge Skinner with Animal Cruelty as outlined in 828.12(1).

Because Skinner knowingly and intentionally poured gasoline on REDACTED’s feet, probable cause existed to charge Skinner with simple battery as outlined in Florida Statute 784.03(1)(A)1.

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