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City of Lake Wales Gives Preliminary Approval to Fiscal Sustainability Plan for Buckmoore Road Forcemain Extension and Septic to Sewer Project


by James Coulter

The City of Lake Wales is one step closer to extending the forcemain along Buckmoore Road and improving both sewer and septic services for its residents now that commissioners have offered preliminary approval on a fiscal sustainability plan.

At their regular meeting on Wednesday evening (which was rescheduled from Tuesday due to city elections), Lake Wales City Commissioners voted unanimously to approve the first reading of a fiscal sustainability plan for the Buckmoore Road Forcemain Extension and Bel Ombre Septic to Sewer project.

The project, as the name implies, would extend the forcemain pipeline along Buckmoore Road and convert the current sceptic system for residents to a sewer system. The city was required by Florida law to first approve a fiscal sustainability plan, as was required for the Project Sponsor’s Certification for the State of Florida State Revolving Fund (SRF).

“Modifications to the Clean Water Act enacted in 2014 (section 603 (d) (1) (E)) now requires the recipient of a loan for a project that involves the repair, replacement, or expansion of a publicly owned treatment works to develop and implement a Fiscal Sustainability Plan,” the city staff memo explains.

According to the staff memo, the water and energy conservation measures incorporated into the project include the following:

· Selection of quality pumps with a high efficiency, saving operation and maintenance cost.

· Extension of force main to new customers improved maintenance costs to owners who are on septic.

· The use of the submersible and bypass pumps that are sized appropriately for the calculated inflows now and for the future.

· Installation of SCADA software to allow the City to monitor the stations.

· Having new piping helps lower the friction head loss, decreasing the amount of power and energy used by any pumps.

· Air release valves were installed at high points to release air to decrease the probability of failure due to air pockets.

“Prior to the loan closing and administrative close out of the project, certification that the requirement is met is accomplished through the approval of a resolution,” the city staff memo further elucidated. “Construction for the project is complete and the final disbursement request is being prepared.”

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