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Lake Wales Charter School Superintendent Under HR Investigation and Barred from LWCS Office During Business Hours


The Lake Wales Charter School Board was scheduled for a Special work session / financial meeting, however, Board Chair Danny Gill was forced to change the meeting to a special session due to an HR complaint/grievance that was brought to his attention regarding DR Rodolfich.

HR Director LaQuanda Burroughs read the HR complaint to the board. March 19th HR Director LaQuanda Burroughs received a grievance from an employee stating that Dr. Rodolfich had created a toxic and hostile work environment. The complaint stems from over a year of interactions with the Superintendent, according to the complaint all staff members have been listed as witnesses. As part of the complaint HR Director LaQuanda Burroughs stated that On March 18 at 8am Dr. Rodolfich yelled at an employee and pounded on the table. It was referred to as demoralizing and embarrassing. Upon receipt the Board Chair, Danny Gill, was informed of the grievance.

Based on the grievance Dr Redolfich allegedly created a culture of fear, mistrust and toxicity. It was also reported that DR Redolfich has discriminated against and singled out an employee due to race. HR Director LaQuanda Burroughs recommended that an external employment law firm be retained to investigate and substantiate the claims.

Dr. Rodolfich made a recommendation that he would work remote during the investigation and he would retrieve items from the office after hours or work with HR Director to retrieve items during the day. The board ultimately decided accept this recommendation.

This is an ongoing investigation and we will report additional details once they become available.

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