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Want to Play Football? This Lake Wales Developmental Football Team is Looking for New Coaches and Players!


by James Coulter

Are you ready for some football? Football season is upon us. Have you ever wanted to do more than simply watch the game? Have you ever wanted to get onto the field and play it yourself? Well, a local developmental football team in Lake Wales is looking for new coaches and players to join its team.

Lake Wales alumni Amari Ward started his developmental football team earlier this year to give young people a chance to live their dream of playing in the big game. He loves football from the bottom of his heart, and he wants other people to fulfill their love of the game by playing in it.

“So far, things have been great,” Ward said. “Guys have been coming out, they have been working, they have been showing their commitment, and it is almost time to get things rocking and rolling officially.”

While they have plenty of good players on their team, Ward is seeking new coaches and players to join his ranks. Even though football season recently kicked off, he assures potential players that it is not too late to join his team. In fact, he is accepting new sign ups until the end of January. However, practice does start in two weeks, so prospective players should apply soon.

“We do have practice starting in these next two weeks, and [then] it will be go time,” he said. “We are in the toughest conference in Florida, the Elite American Football Leauge. We want to get things started early, because once February comes, nothing will be easy. It will be playing a competition every week.”

Ward has high expectations moving forward. He expects his players to not only win big but play big. Such accomplishments can only come about when they dedicate themselves to their practice. After all, the more you dedicate yourself to the game, the more likely you can dominate the game.

“My expectations moving forward is to dominate each and every day,” he said. “Practice will be intense, and we have to come each and every day to compete and get better each and every day, to challenge the next man each and every day. The championship starts now before the season starts. It starts in the offseason. You can’t show up on Saturdays and be a ball player. You have to be dominant. It starts now.”

As for new players and coaches, while he has high expectations for the game, he is more than welcoming of anyone willing to join his team. If you’ve played before, or even if you’ve never played, you’re more than welcome to join, he said.

“Just come ready,” he said. “Just come ready and play. That is all. We don’t have any high expectations to join. We welcome everybody with open arms. [We are] looking for guys who want to be dominant at all phases of life, not just football, who want to be smart on and off the field, [and] who can be smart tough fast disciplined with character. “

Aside from Amari Ward, other coaches assisting with this season include Wladimir Bayonne, Eryk Anglin, Dale Sherman, and Tony Medina, Sr.

Behind the coaching staff is a group of guys who are expected to have high hopes this season. Offense players include Jonathan Roberson, who is FCFL (Florida Championship Football League) Leading Rusher Offensive Player Of The Year, and Tre Young dual-threat quarterback. Defense players include Treiun James, Adrian McLean, and Marcus Brown.

To learn more about his developmental football team, visit his Facebook page for the Central Florida Buccaneers: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100085019469308&mibextid=LQQJ4d

Or call Amari Ward at his number at: 863-978-9576

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