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Lake Wales Woman Charged With DUI By Haines City Police


The Haines City Police Department has arrested Iaashe Lamont, DOB: 12/15/1982 of Lake Wales, on DUI charges. The arrest stems from an incident on August 19th. The following is an unedited and unredacted account of facts by the Haines City Police Department. A suspect is presumed to be innocent and has the right to challenge those facts in a court of law. The Lake Wales Daily hopes readers will appreciate reading the exact information available from the arrest.

“On August 19, 2023, at approximately 0309 hours, I ,Officer Green H1653, was sitting at the intersection of Lily Avenue and 9th Street, waiting for a tow truck driver for another DUI case for another officer.

As I waited for a tow truck, I noticed a black Mitsubishi SUV bearing the Florida tag IMIT40 driving Northbound on 9th Street, crossing onto Lily Avenue without headlights. The driver oflaashe Sheryl Lamont stopped at the stop posted at the intersection. Lamont proceeded to cross in front oftwo marked police cars with emergency lights activated on a traffic stop.

Lamont went into the empty parking lot next to the traffic stop, and as she tried to find a way out of the parking lot Corporal Elam and I wanted to see if Lamont needed help. Corporal Elam and I made contactwith Lamont and attempted to advise her of the interaction. As soon as she rolled down her driver-side window and I could smell the odor of an acholic beverage emitting from her vehicle, it became immediately apparent that she had appeared highly intoxicated.

She addressed Corporal Elam and I with ablank stare. She wreaked of urine and had slurred speech as I watched Lamont step outside her vehicle she stumbled o u tof her car and walked to the back towards me and dropped her keys as she picked up her keys she almost fell overonto the ground. I continued to observe, and I could smell the odor of an acholic beverage coming from her breath.
When I read her Miranda, she was being very belligerent and would talk over me and p l Elam as I explained to her why she was being stopped and why I believed she was impaired. I tried several attempts to do SFSE’s with Lamont, and she would not do them. Based on my observations, I placed Lamont under arrest for DUI. As I tried to apprehend her she viciously grabbed my left wrist with her right hand and yelled “No there is no touching me” trying to prevent me from securing her in handcuffs. She was also charged with Battery on LEO and resisting without violence.

Lamont was transported to SPC so that Officer K. Wilson, a certified breath test operator, could administer the State’s Test.

Upon completion, Officer K. Wilson presented me with the FLDE/ATP Form 38.

The breath sample results yielded the following;
Sample #1 0.142g/2101

Sample #2 0.135g/2101

I issued a citation for DUI (Misdemeanor) AH3ZHFE”

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