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Local Poet Helps Lake Wales Preschool “Soar into Springtime”


by James Coulter

“Playing outside where the sun shines bright,

Running, jumping, flying my kite.

As it soars toward the sky, my dreams and goals are just as high.”

Those words were shared by a local poet to celebrate the first day of spring at A Blessed Child Preschool in Lake Wales.

On Tuesday, Vivian Loydd, a local poet and the head of the preschool, recited her poem, “Soaring into Spring,” which she wrote especially for the occasion.

The poem told about all of the exciting things that children can do during springtime, including flying a kite. It also taught about the other seasons throughout the year.

“Spring is now. Summer is near. Soon it will fall. What a great year,” the poem read.

Following the poetry recital, children were able to ask questions, mostly about spring and the other four seasons. They then created and decorated their kites during their arts and crafts session.

Vivian was requested by the Early Learning Coalition to write and recite a poem for March to celebrate the season of poetry and welcome the arrival of spring. She has been a lifelong poet who has written countless poems.

In 2010, she published a collection of poetry called “Poetically Speaking.” Vivian has written poetry for various occasions. She once wrote a motivational poem called “I Can” for her son, who is now 41, during a special event at his middle school.

“Being a poet is one of the things that I loved. I didn’t even realize I loved it,” she said. “Everything I write is for a reason. I write about families. I write inspirational. There are so many things that I write about. It usually I can write for someone to write about something they ask me, and I usually write it from the heart.”

Vivian has worked at the school for more than 22 years, having taught many children and their siblings. Her biggest inspiration for her latest poem, especially as someone who runs a preschool, are those children. As someone who specializes in childhood education, you have to love children in order to teach them.

“When something is in your heart, it comes out of your heart,” she said. “To be in this business, you have to be inspired by your children. They inspire you to write. So, I encourage people to write what is in their hearts.”

Beckie Loydd, a teacher at the preschool, and Vivian’s daughter, appreciated having her mother write and recite a poem for her students. Beckie especially loved how the poem served as a

launching board for her students to learn different words, including action, sight, and rhyming words.

“Anytime you need her to write a poem for anything, any holiday, anything that is going on, she is there. She can do it at a drop of a dime. So it was very exciting today,” she said. “They are very excited and having a good time. We are very grateful to have her come out. It was fun and a joy to have them.”

Nancy Moses, VP of Programs at the Early Learning Coalition, which seeks to provide access to early childhood education in Polk County, had requested Vivian write and recite a poem for the first day of spring. Their organization focuses on literacy, so having a local poet and author assist them with that mission proves to be truly a special privilege.

“We are excited that she wrote this poem for us today,” Moses said. “Our mission is to provide quality child care for all ages and all families. So what she is doing is exactly that. She is providing education and care for the little ones.”

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