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City Electric Supply Celebrates Grand Opening of Lake Wales Location

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by James Coulter

Have your lights burned out? Is your wiring getting tiring? Whether you’ve blown a fuse or your equipment has short-circuited, City Electric Supply has anything you need to fix your electrical problems.

City Electric Supply is a family-owned electrical wholesale business that supplies all your electrical needs, whether you need a new fuse, generator, electrical outlet, wiring, cords, or cables. Unlike regular retail stores, they provide you with personalized service, which means you’re treated as a person and not as a number.

“Our ‘customer service first’ core value has allowed us to grow continually for over 30 years while keeping our founding principle of empowering people to make local business decisions,” their website states.

City Electric Supply operates more than 537 locations nationwide in 30 states and with more than 3,400 employees. Started in 1951, and operating in Florida since 1983, their commitment to placing customers first has allowed them to remain in business for nearly half a century.

“In a ‘time is money’ world, outperforming service expectations sets City Electric Supply apart,” their website states. “When it comes to in-depth customer service and products in the residential, commercial, and industrial markets, no other wholesaler surpasses City Electric Supply!”

Mike Bertone, Regional Manager, recently opened their new location in Lake Wales. He noticed there was a gap between the Sebring and Winter Haven areas, so he decided to open the Lake Wale location to fill that gap and meet customers halfway.

“We saw Lake Wales as an up-and-growing community here,” he said. “We had a location in Sebring. We did a lot of deliveries up this way coming down from Winter Haven at that location. Plus we had a lot of contractors here in Lake Wales. So, we thought it would be more convenient to get a location up in here.”

Their Lake Wales location celebrated its grand opening on Tuesday morning with vendors showcasing their products and a food truck providing refreshments. Since opening a few months ago, the new store has experienced a warm reception, and they hope to continue going strong.

With more than 32 years of experience under his belt, Bertone has the know-how to know how to give customers what he needs. He expects that he and his staff will be able to service the Lake Wales area.

“It is a personalized hometown service you will get from us. We have knowledgeable staff that has been with us for a while,” he said. “So far, we had the door open for a few months, and the branch is doing very well. So, with our turnout today, we are excited to see it growing.”

City Electric Supply is located at 1750 Longleaf Blvd Suite 5&6, Lake Wales, FL 33859. For more information, visit: https://www.cityelectricsupply.com/branch/775

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