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Two Lake Wales High School Senior Athletes Sign With College


by James Coulter

Seniors Terrell James and Jaremiah Anglin, Jr. will be attending the schools of their dreams to study and play now that they officially signed their letters of intent during the Highlanders Signing Day on Thursday evening.

Two seniors from Lake Wales High School were commemorated by family, friends, teachers, and fellow students in the auditorium Thursday morning as the two signed their letters of intent. James will be attending Arkansas State University and Anglin, Jr. will attend the University of Kentucky.

The two boys were joined on stage by their family members as they signed their letters, while their coaches, teachers, and fellow students commended them for their efforts with words of encouragement.

Lake Wales Head Coach Tavaris Johnson expressed his pride for the two graduating seniors, not only for being accepted to their respective schools but also for serving as paragons of student-athletes and showing what the school’s sports program can produce.

“This is the goal for every student-athlete who enters into our program: to be afforded an education [and] to continue their education,” Coach Johnson said. “We just teach [them] every day [about] hard work [and] time. If you put those things together, you will be successful…Again, always giving 100 percent, and that is what has allowed them to be successful.”

James chose to attend Arkansas State University because he felt a strong bond with the school and its student body. He will be studying business and finance, and he has high expectations to eventually make it to the professional leagues, especially the NFL.

“It feels great that God will allow me to come this far,” he said.” I cannot wait to go to state and make an impact on the school. I owe it to God and owe it to my family, everyone came out to support me.”

Anglin, Jr. will be attending the University of Kentucky. He loves the school, and he feels the school loves him back. He also will be studying business. He expects to play hard and eventually reach the national championship before graduating college.

“I cannot wait to get there and get to work,” he said. “My coach said if I put in the work, I put up numbers. And even if they do not feel it, even if I do not make it into football, I will be able to get a degree from the school, and it is a very good school to get a degree from, and I will be set.”

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