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Venus Florida Man Charged After Allegedly Slashing An Elderly Man Cutting Him Multiple Times At River Ranch Saloon In Lake Wales


Lake Wales, Florida – The Polk County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a Venus Florida man, Corey Parris (DOB 07-01-1986) charging him with Aggravated Battery on a person 65 YOA or older. The incident took place on July 30th at The River Ranch Saloon on Westgate Resorts property in East Lake Wales. Below is a redacted affidavit supplied by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.

(It should be noted that this is an unedited report of facts by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. These facts are up for question and everyone is entitled to question the validity of facts by law enforcement in a court of law. The Lake Wales Daily does not rewrite these facts as some meanings or interpretations could be in error and change context. We hope readers appreciate being able to read the information and come to their own understanding and conclusions) :

On July 30, 2022, at approximately 2216 hours, the suspect, Corey Parris and the victim, REDACTED were at the River Ranch Resort Saloon located at 3200 River Ranch Blvd, Lake Wales.  

The Saloon has video surveillance and provided the footage of the incident. 

I observed the suspect and victim along with several other patrons were standing at the end of the bar. The suspect became upset when another male/witness got close to him and his girlfriend. The suspect told the witness to give them some space.  There was a verbal altercation when the suspect suddenly swung towards the witness. Other patrons held the suspect until he calmed down. The victim also attempted to stop the altercation by separating the suspect and witness. 

After the suspect calmed down he remained by the railing and the victim was at the end of the bar. As the victim reached across the bar, the suspect struck out with his right hand in a slashing motion towards the victim’s face and arm. 

The victim sustained lacerations to his neck, and right arm.  The victim was airlifted to Osceola Regional Medical Center for treatment. I learned the victim is 66 years old.  

Based upon the interview with witnesses and the video footage, I determined there was probable cause to charge the suspect with Aggravated Battery on a person 65 YOA or older. 

The suspect does not have any priors for battery. The suspect was taken into custody and transported to the Sheriff’s Processing Center.

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