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Lake Wales Man Charged With Aggravated Child Abuse, Critically Injuring Child & Domestic Abuse


Lake Wales, Florida – The Polk County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a Lake Wales man and charged him with Aggravated Child Abuse, providing False Information to Law Enforcement During An Investigation and in a separate incident Domestic Violence With A Prior Conviction. The man arrested is Anthony Young, DOB: 06/20/1989. As deputies were investigating the incident involving a young female child it was also reported to deputies that he also battered a female victim. Both affidavits provided below.

It should be noted that this is an unedited report of facts by the PCSO. These facts are up for question and everyone is entitled to question the validity of facts by law enforcement in a court of law. The Lake Wales Daily does not rewrite these facts as some meanings or interpretations could be in error and change context. We hope readers appreciate being able to read the information and come to their own understanding and conclusions:

“On 07-01-2022, the Polk County Sheriff’s Office began an investigation into an Aggravated Child Abuse which occurred at REDACTED, Lake Wales, Polk County, Florida. The victim, REDACTED , was airlifted to the Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital after being found unresponsive at her residence.

Upon arrival at the Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital VICTIM was diagnosed with a fractured left jaw, a brain bleed on the left side of her skull and a mid-line shift of her brain. VICTIM underwent an emergency surgery to relieve cranial pressure and was observed to have dead brain matter. VICTIM is currently intubated at the
Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital and is listed in critical condition.

An initial recorded interview was conducted with the suspect, Andrew Young (W/M, 33 YOA), at REDACTED, Lake Wales, Polk County, Florida. During the interview he advised around approximately 1300 hours on 07-01-2022 he fed REDACTED and REDACTED, pizza. REDACTED was sent to REDACTED room and Young followed REDACTED. During this time VICTIM went unresponsive for unknown reasons and Young contacted 911 for assistance. Young was advised that the investigation was in reference to possible child abuse, a felony, and he denied harming VICTIM during the interview. Forensic interviews were conducted with REDACTED and REDACTED. During REDACTED forensic interview, REDACTED disclosed that REDACTED heard a sound like VICTIM was being disciplined. Young then called for REDACTED to contact 911 and REDACTED rushed into the room and REDACTED observed VICTIM unresponsive. During the course of the investigation, multiple contacts were made with Arnold Palmer medical staff to determine the mechanism of injury for VICTIM. Medical staff advised that it was vital to determine how VICTIM was injured to provide her with the appropriate care.

On 07-05-2022, Young underwent a voluntary polygraph examination, which concluded with signs of deception.

During a post Miranda interview with Young, he admitted that he told VICTIM to go REDACTED, picked her up and began spanking her for unknown reasons. Young then dropped VICTIM onto floor REDACTED. VICTIM REDACTED, began convulsing and went unresponsive.
Young admitted to being alone in the room with VICTIM and that after his actions she went unresponsive within 5 seconds. Young advised during the interview he knowingly withheld the information of the incident because he was afraid of getting in trouble.

Young’s explanation of the incident is not consistent withthe injuries that VICTIM sustained. No other witnesses were inside of the room with Young and VICTIM when her injuries occurred.
Based on the investigation it was determined that
Andrew Young violated the following Florida State
Statutes: 827.03(2)(A) – Aggravated Child Abuse – For Young knowingly cause harm to VICTIM which resulted in injury causing great bodily harm and permanent damage to VICTIM’s brain on 07-01-2022 while they were at REDACTED, Lake Wales, Polk County, Florida. 837.055 – False Information to law enforcement during an investigation – For Young knowingly and willingly providing false information during a felony child abuse
investigation, knowing that the information provided was false and with the intent to mislead and impede the Polk County Sheriff’s Office from determining how VICTIM was injured during the incident.”

Here is the affidavit concerning the Domestic Abuse With Prior Conviction Charge:

“On 07-05-2022, while conducting a recorded interview with the victim, REDACTED, in regards
to a Child Abuse investigation under PCS #22-27501. REDACTED disclosed that she had been struck several times against her will by her REDACTED, the suspect, Andrew Young.

REDACTED advised during the week of 06-27-2022, Young struck her in the chest knocking to the ground in REDACTED, Lake Wales, Polk County, Florida. Young then began to kick her side while she was on the ground. REDACTED also advised of another incident in which she and Young were arguing in the residence of REDACTED, Lake Wales, Polk County, Florida. During this incident, Young pushed her down to the floor against her will approximately three to four months ago.

A post Miranda warning recorded interview was conducted with Young. Young admitted to striking REDACTED in the chest during the week of 06-27-2022. REDACTED further advised sometime in November or December of 2021, he pushed REDACTED to the floor.


A search of Young’s criminal history revealed a prior conviction for Aggravated Assault from Tennessee in 2013, which is the equivalent of Aggravated Battery in Florida.

Based on the investigation, probable cause was established that Andrew Young violated Florida State Statute 784.03 – Battery, Prior Conviction (Domestic Violence) 2 Counts) – For Young striking REDACTED , REDACTED, intentionally and against her will REDACTED. Andrew has previous conviction of the equivalent of Battery in the State of Tennessee from 2013.”

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